The Last Star Rising - In the Hay Loft

An excerpt from 'Survival'.

'Nevertheless,' he said 'you have been in very great danger. I - and others - are more grateful to you than I can say. One day I hope that these criminals will be brought to justice and then you can know how much you have helped and be adequately thanked.'

'It really wasn't a problem,' said Detty and for some minutes they looked at each other in silence.

There was a rustling noise and the sound of talking in the lower part of the barn. Marc quickly grabbed the camera and hid it under a loose board.

'Pretend we have been making love - then there is a chance they won't look for the camera - if they find it we are both dead or worse'. As he spoke he undid his belt and took started taking off his trousers. Detty saw the point and unzipped her boiler suit and swiftly pulled her pants down and off. Quite naked on her boiler suit, she lay back unconsciously sliding one hand behind her long hair and draping the other across her stomach. Marc thought that she looked like a reclining Botticelli Venus. He said later that that was the moment when his feelings for her turned from respect and admiration to adoration.

There were steps on the ladder and in a moment they were surrounded by a military police patrol machine pistols at the ready.

'What a pair of turtle doves' said the NCO 'This is a good way of spending the morning fatigues, Retten, I can see why you volunteered. Take him to the Guardhouse and her to the Governor at the Farm.' 

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