My Writing

Walpurgis Night

An excerpt from 'Survival'.

There was desperation in her voice. A long pause.

‘We take the boat and sail to Gotland.’ Andrea’s voice was flat as if she was aware of the madness and danger of her proposition. To sail across the Baltic in a racing dinghy was crazy at any time but in the middle of the night during a revolution, it was insane and yet……and  yet….. What would happen if they stayed where they were? Following Mara’s thoughts, Andrea said quietly,

‘If all goes well we can phone from Visby …

The Last Star Rising - The Opening

An excerpt from 'Survival'.

Cold menaced. It brooded like a sluggish viscous plague laying siege in every nook and cranny. Even the centrally heated buildings never really held it at bay. It seeped in everywhere and, in the face of the encroaching ice, all life seemed fragile. It penetrated the nose, the lungs, the fingers, the voice. Its doom-laden persistence crushed the natural good humour of the people and lay heavy on every aspect of existence. Above the ironbound earth the frozen fog, marinated with industrial filth, lay motionless in great impenetrable patches.

Detty had felt …

The Last Star Rising - In the Hay Loft

An excerpt from 'Survival'.

'Nevertheless,' he said 'you have been in very great danger. I - and others - are more grateful to you than I can say. One day I hope that these criminals will be brought to justice and then you can know how much you have helped and be adequately thanked.'

'It really wasn't a problem,' said Detty and for some minutes they looked at each other in silence.

There was a rustling noise and the sound of talking in the lower part of the barn. Marc quickly …